Single Control

And let the peace of Christ control your hearts……… Colossians 3:15

Have you notice or not yet? The control keypad (CTRL) in your computer keyboard is powerful. Combined with other keys, the CTRL can make things happen.  From copying, to pasting, and repeating your actions, or undoing your actions, and saving your file and a lot more, CTRL is it! But the downside is, you can do what the CTRL can do using your mouse or using the navigation keys. This sends me to my point, CTRL key is just another way of making things happen.

Does your heart experience the same?

Our hearts can be controlled by several matters. It can be controlled by good things. Good things like gladness from a job promotion, exuberance due to financial security, or enthusiasm in life because of good health. Or it can be controlled by not so good things. Not so good things like anger from family disputes, concern over receding bank accounts’ balance, or worry from job uncertainty. Paul wrote “Let the peace of Christ control your hearts”, stresses the fact that Christ is the reality while other ways of control are but shadows.  If our hearts are controlled by these shadows, our lives are not founded and firm. Your heart’s control depends on the state of matters – good or bad.

Friends, let the peace of Christ reign in our hearts. We rest and we sleep in peace only with Christ’s peace.  Let not our hearts be directed by shadows. Let Jesus manage our hearts. Let us allow Jesus to take single control. Let the peace of Christ control our hearts.



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