Fulfilled at the Background

……who provided for them out of their resources. Luke 8:3

She cooked our meals for the day. She did our laundry for the week and iron them when dry. She kept our house tidy and neat. She acted like our mother. No, she is not our mother. She is our Ate Amy. One of the two older sisters. Since we were eight growing kids in the family, she has to step up. Also, since our Ate Nette can’t hear nor speak, Ate Amy has to be the “oldest sister”. Let me reiterate my point. We have always have a good start in the morning at school because of the fried eggs she prepared in our breakfast table. We have always looked good in our school uniforms because of her hands at work. We always have time to work our own stuff because she had to do chores for us. She all did this as she went through school up to its completion. And when she landed to her secular job, she gave a financial cushion to the family. In the absence of our loving parents and caring aunt, she is the glue which holds our family together. She provided out of her time and pleasure so we may get our feet to stand. She has provided out of her own so we may fly and achieve. And she is fulfilled at the background so we can take the forefront.

As Jesus and His disciples preached and proclaimed, there were women and other nameless people who provided for them so they may do their mission. These people gave out of their own resources.  Maybe they pooled their money to fund the mission. Maybe they pooled their time so they can work on something for the mission to expand.  They provided so others may provided. They worked so other may work. They responded to their call so others may fulfill their call. They supported so others may give support. They were in the background so others may be at the forefront.

Can you think of something else you can provide so others may provide? Do you think you can give something so others may do their service?

You can be the wind under someone’s wings.

Give out of your resources. Provide out of your own. Be fulfilled at the background.



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