Equal Portion

He summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases… Luke 9:1

Oh yes!

Can you guess where this article going to?

Jesus called the Twelve. And then, He gave them the power and authority to drive out demons and heal the sick. Jesus did not provided more grace to Peter since Peter is the rock. Jesus did not give more power to John since John is the beloved disciple. Jesus did not bless Thomas more gifts even if Thomas will doubt later. Jesus did not held back something to someone. He gave equal blessing to everyone. He gave equal grace to everyone. He gave equal power to everyone. No disciple is greater or lesser. What James has that is what Judas has. The same power in Andrew is in Matthew. The healing gift of Mark is the same healing grace of Philip.

This gives us more than what Jesus gave them. It gives us confidence. It gives us courage. We can do what our leaders can do. We can do what our members can do. We are given the same blessings. We are given the same grace and power. We are provided with the same Spirit. It will take yielding to His power and strength to do so, of course.

No one can say, “I can’t stand up and preach like Edwin.” No one may think, ‘If I only have the same grace like Benedict, I can lead the church.” No one can put down himself, “I am called to serve only in the chairs ministry.” No one can lift himself, “I am called to higher level of service.”

You have what others have. Others have what you have. Of God’s power and grace, we are provided with equal portion.



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