More Precious than Silver and Gold

Mine is the silver and mine the gold, says the LORD of hosts. Haggai 2:8

We deposited an amount in one house which we are interested. After we had a falling out with the sellers, our team (attorney, real estate agent and loan officer) told us we ought to get the whole deposit. In turn, the sellers with their own team insisted they hold the whole deposit. Our lawyer was very positive that we do not have a contract with them thus we have every right to every cent of the put down.  Our lawyer even encouraged us to get into small claims court to settle the dispute. On the other hand, my wife and I were discussing on how we approach the matter. Bottom line is, these are money. God provided us with this amount. Also, bringing someone to court is not our cup of Christianity, not considering the stress that goes with it. Though it may be unfair, we were ready to lose the whole amount of the deposit. If they will say we did not fight for our right then it may be said so. But we do not own those funds, God owns them. If the sellers think they are entitled to the funds, then maybe they needed it for something. At the end, the sellers gave us about ten percent of the deposit.

God owns silver and gold. He provides for His people. If other people need it, we give it even we worked for it. We do not have bragging rights on anything that He has given.  Anything He has given may be taken away anytime. However our security is we have a God who owns it all. He will continue to provide. He will continue to bless. He will continue shower us with what we need.

He owns silver and gold. And He owns us.

More than silver and gold, we are precious to Him. His heart is filled for our attention not of sparkles of gold nor brightness of silver.

More precious than silver and gold is our God. No amount of money can complete us. No asset can satisfy us. Only through Him we have life.

We are to Him, more precious than silver and gold. He is to us, more precious than silver and gold.



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