His Name

The seventy (-two) returned rejoicing, and said, “Lord, even the demons are subject to us because of your name.” Luke 10:17

Have you had this experience?

Maybe your father or uncle would tell you that if you want to enter a facility or a party, you just drop his name to the guard at the gate and voila!, they allow you to come in. Or maybe you have a friend who has a connection to this resort and when you called this resort and told them that you know her, your friend, then suddenly they give you some discounts or superb service. Or another instance is when you try to make a conversation with someone in authority or power and you try to slip in your father’s name, who they might know, the exchange of words becomes interesting.

Well, this is the same experience the first missionaries had. They shouted Jesus’ name. They spoke His name. They uttered His powerful healing name. And by His name, things happened.  And through His name, things changed. And because of His name, people changed. Demons fled. Illness flew. Hunger satisfied. Faces glowed. Eyes saw. Ears heard. Mouth spoke.

Can this happen today? Can this happen to you? One word, three letters – YES!

His name has the power during that time and during our time.  His name is above every difficulty. His name is powerful over any sickness. His name is mighty than your recession. His name is stronger than any bondage of sin. Call out His name in your struggles.

No other name can make things happen. No other name can make people change. No other name but the name of Jesus.



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