Grab Each Opportunity

While still more people gathered in the crowd, he said to them….. Luke 11:29

Jesus saw the opportunity. He saw the need to preach while there are more people in the crowd. It’s not about the number of people; Jesus saw the time element for His message – NOW. He made sure to bring across His point. He saw an opening and He went into it.  He did not think for a second to delay. He did not speak His message tomorrow or next week or next month. He did it when He acknowledged the opportunity to do what needs to be done.

This is what Jesus does to us. He grabs every opportunity to bring us closer to Him.  He grabs every classroom to teach us His ways. He grabs every pulpit to preach to us.  In every joy or sorrow, Jesus seizes the moment for us to be enlightened in His light.  In every success or failure, Jesus grips the event for us to know and love Him.  Look around where you are right now, Jesus will make something around you to bless you so you may know Him.

And so it boomerangs to us.

Have we taken each opportunity to bring God’s word to others? Have we taken each opportunity to serve and share in God’s work?

Look inside your home. Grab each time or any event you can tell stories to your kids or siblings about Jesus. Do household chores as if you are serving God.

Look inside your workplace. Work as if you are working for the Lord. Take initiative.  Talk about God to your office mates.

Look outside you. A friend may need a shoulder to lean on. A neighbor may need your support.

Do not delay. The key word is “while”. While you can do it for Jesus, do it. While you can say it about Jesus, say it. While you can sing about His glory, sing it.

Are you ready to grab each opportunity for Jesus?



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