The Just Rejoices and the Upright Exults

Be glad in the LORD and rejoice, you just; exult, all you upright of heart. Psalm 32:11

Most of the time, we might feel this way. We get sad when we see others’ lives that are not following Jesus and yet they prosper in life. They live with unfair treatment of people to enrich themselves but get away with it. They take advantage of people’s weakness to strengthen themselves and takes the limelight of any given day. Or they simply do not believe in God and yet they still have every needed ingredient in life. It seems they live a happy and easy life.

And when we look into the life of a disciple of Christ, he has problems with his finances since he does not covet anything that is not of his. He lives paycheck to paycheck since he has only one job to free oneself to have time do God’s service. He has sometimes issues with health however he depend of God’s healing touch. He has problems with raising kids since he is teaching them to live out as Christians in counter of the present culture. His job is on the edge of going out of the door due to the recession. He has fewer connections to enable him to turn things around but holds on to God alone as his stronghold. It seems followers of Jesus live a challenged and difficult life.

The psalmist exhorts us, when you are doing what is just, to rejoice and be glad in the LORD! When we are doing what is right in His sight, we must exult with joy!  If the fruits of following Christ give us hardships in life, let us not overlook the fact that He has given us grace to be faithful and loyal to Him alone. Following Jesus is much more important than what you can have or what you cannot have in life. Be glad in the LORD, you are just and upright! We are not citizens of this world we live in, we are all immigrants here. At some point in time, we will all come back to our true home – Heaven, which is God’s presence. And in that place, following Him matters most. And in His presence, praising Him matters most.

Be just. Be upright. Keep on following Jesus.

Be glad. Rejoice. Exult. In the LORD.



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