The Day God took an Exam

There was a scholar of the law who stood up to test him… Luke 10:25

Jesus was tested on this day. By a scholar. By an expert of the law. He was testing if Jesus knew the law. This scholar was there to ask questions if Jesus knew what is loving God all about.  He gave an exam to Jesus if Jesus knew who is our neighbor. His questions were not innocent, his questions were with malice. He was not looking for answers to his questions, he was taking advantage of Jesus.

Often times we are like that. We think highly of ourselves and we put God to test. We test Him if He will do our supplications. We give Him conditions. Conditions that if He fulfill this or that, He gets something from us. We take advantage of God. We catch ourselves saying;

If You heal me….I will serve You.
If You give this job….I will be loyal.
If You solve this problem….I will commit to You.
If You provide for us….I will be faithful.

Can’t we be His servants despite our bodies suffer?
Can’t  we show Him loyalty despite our work is not our dream job?
Can’t we commit our love to Him despite life is a cycle of problems?
Can’t we be faithful despite our hands are not full?

Don’t put Him to test. Don’t give Him questions. For God is the answer.



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