Decision to be On Fire

I have come to set the earth on fire, and how I wish it were already blazing! Luke 12:49

When was the last time you were on fire for God?

Let me guess…..

  • When you attended your Life in the Spirit Seminar
  • When you participated in that life changing retreat
  • When you were inspired by a gifted speaker’s message
  • In one prayer meeting when you just felt like raising your heart and hands to God
  • During one of your support group meetings
  • In your own time alone with God

Do you still remember that moment?

Reality is how hard to keep that fire burning in our lives. We tend to depend more on our feelings – if our feelings are not high then we seem to extinguish the fire. When life problems and difficulties arise in our situations that fire gets covered. When God turns a deaf ear to our petitions that fire produces white smoke. If the community you are involved with does not support you, the fire gets watered.  Keeping the fire blazing and burning is anchored not in our feelings or circumstances but in our deliberate decision to love God and be faithful to Christ.

Jesus has come to set fire in this world. And He was wishing that fire to already ablaze. Maybe, He is pertaining to our situation. He has given us that fire yet it is not ablaze. He has come to bring us light yet that light is not translucent.

Jesus’ decision is to set our hearts on fire for God.
To keep that fire blazing and burning in us – it’s our decision.



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