Deal Patiently

He is able to deal patiently with the ignorant and erring, for he himself is beset by weakness. Hebrews 5:2

My seven year old daughter Bless was crying in front of me as she tells me she is scared. She remembers ghost stories she heard from a friend and when it came for her bedtime, she was startled. She tells me that when she closed her eyes, she sees the characters in the stories. She even requested that I stay with her throughout the night. At first I was telling her this is so non-sense. I was telling her that ghosts are not real and even if they are, our God is more powerful over these spirits. But I had this moment to take myself aback. She has a situation here. In her own world, she is scared. In her reality, she needed a father. This is her weakness by this instance. At this time, words will not comfort her. My understanding and patience will.

I myself have weaknesses. The men and women who have pastored me are not perfect. It takes one to understand one. It takes one to deal patiently with one. It takes one to accept one. If my leaders have been judgmental of my ignorance or errors, then I am not writing this. I would have gone astray, if they pinned me down when my face is facing the ground. I have grown because they were patient with me in the event of my immaturity. I have soared because they accepted my defects. They loved me in spite of my imperfections.  They understood. They stayed beside me.

Members have weaknesses. Leaders have weaknesses, too.
Parishioners have weaknesses. Pastors have weaknesses, too.

We deal patiently with one another.



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