From Seeds to Sheaves

Those who go forth weeping, carrying sacks of seed, Will return with cries of joy, carrying their bundled sheaves. Psalm 126:6

I was discussing with a brother how our brothers and sisters from Angeles City in Pampanga are making an impact wherever God has planted them.  If they are in United Arab Emirates (UAE), they serve zealously in Ang Lingkod ng Panginoon (Lingkod) whether in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. If they work in Singapore, you will be inspired the way they continue to love Jesus through Lingkod-Singapore. And if they have stayed in Angeles City, the brothers and sisters bring God’s light through various communities. They serve in Christ’s Youth in Action (CYA) in Pampanga universities and colleges, Lingkod-Angeles or Lingkod-City of San Fernando and establishing a covenant community called “Bale ning Guinu” (House of God).

Remembering back and looking forward , I’ve realized this is the case of from seeds to sheaves. God has blessed and is continuously blessing our hearts to hunger for Him and spread His word wherever we found ourselves. God’s faithful nourishment in our life with Him is unfolding the harvest from seed to sheaves. By His strength, loving God and loving one another and living in a way of life He has called for us, the sacks of seed planted have now harvest of sheaves. And His harvest comes in bundles. Bundled in Angeles City. Bundled in City of San Fernando. Bundled in UAE. Bundled in Singapore.

God is not finished yet. God is bundling His harvest somewhere else.

We eagerly pray and wait for more seeds to become sheaves.



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