Silent Preacher

The heavens declare the glory of God; the sky proclaims its builder’s craft. One day to the next conveys that message; one night to the next imparts that knowledge. There is no word or sound; no voice is heard; Yet their report goes forth through all the earth, their message, to the ends of the world. Psalms 19:2-4

The skies are consistently silent. The skies show up to tell God’s glory. From day to night we are covered with the tremendous message of God’s magnificence. The design of the skies reveals His being God. It provides us the message of God’s consistent love for His people. Day in and day out the skies peeks into our eyes and hearts. No need for pulpit. No need for pouncing of words and works. No need for rhymes. No need for analogies to drive home a point. No need for powerful verbal oration. No need for gifted speaker. The skies reach all points of the earth. The muted preaching of who God is brought to all peoples and all nations.

How I wish we are like that!

No words. No sound. No voice. Yet may our lives resound God’s glory. By the way we live our lives we proclaim God’s excellent plan for his people. With the way we build our families, we exalt God’s name above all names. With the way we relate with our spouses, with the way we take care of our children, we give Him powerful worship.  With the way we approach our work, may He be enthroned in our dedication and focus. With the way we involved ourselves in community, may His light shine. That God’s message of hope and love reach the corners of our daily routines.

May the grace of the skies be given among us for we need to be silent preachers.



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