Moving One Another

None of us lives for oneself, and no one dies for oneself. Romans 14:7

I guess, I thought I can do it. And I was proven wrong. With three ladies and a man in our family, moving our things from our apartment to our new home seems to be a gigantic task. I was moving things I can carry and load in our vehicle from day to day. However, we have two sofas, one queen-sized bed plus another twin-sized bed, a small dining table and other stuff which I alone cannot lift. Well, my wife can carry but limited only to two to five pounds. Our daughters can carry their belongings up only up to maybe two pounds, too. Talking about having me as the only man in their lives.  This was the spot where I asked for the help of our friends willing to lift our heavy stuff.  They came and willingly carried us. They moved us. They sent us from one point to another.  And so in one November weekend, we were able to move in our new home.

Paul exhorts God’s people to do the same. Move one another for none of us lives as his own and none of us dies as his own.  Everyone has burdens to carry. Some burdens are light and can be carried personally. Most burdens can be carried only through helping one another. If you think you can carry your heavy load by yourself, you are wrong. If you think others can carry their heavy load by themselves, you are wrong. When your baggage’s weight is more than you think you can lift, be humble to ask for someone to help you move from your old place to your new place. If you happen to know somebody who needs your extra time and listening heart, be quick to respond, come willingly and move that somebody into a place of comfort.  More hearts make burdens easy. More hands make moving easy. Lift one another’s load.  Carry each other’s burden. Bring up one another’s baggage. And so one day, together, we shall move in to our new Home.



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