Squandered Service

Then he also said to his disciples, “A rich man had a steward who was reported to him for squandering his property.” Luke 16:1

I was looking for a good feeling and timing to write a good blog since I have been tired for the past days. I am busy with work and home. I cannot focus on my personal prayer. I was thinking this is another slump. I decided to write one when I feel better and when the timing is right for me.

As I write this one, I realized that I do not own any of my service to God. Yes, we own our ministry for His glory thus to take accountability and responsibility to any work called for us. Yet, our service is not on paper owned by us. It is owned by God.

He is the proprietor. The land title has His name. The vehicle is registered on His behalf.

So why squander His property? Why squander His service?

We do it our way and not His way.
We do it on our time and not on His time.
We say or write our words not His words.
We are self-centered not Christ-centered.
We proclaim ourselves not Jesus as Lord and Savior.
We cling to our skills and resources not on His grace.
We take the applause rather than saying “Not to us but to You oh God!”

We serve not because we deserve to be serving. We serve for He alone is deserving of our time and effort. When we serve Him, we are stewards of His property. We submit our service according to the directions of the Lord of the service. We speak and move in His instructions.



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