Our Ministree

One generation praises your deeds to the next and proclaims your mighty works. Psalm 145:4

I believe I was in grade 1 or 2 when I watched men and women come together in our yard for worship.  My parents were members of this charismatic movement that was blazing the Catholic Church during that time. I saw people singing to God. Saw them raising their hands in worship to Jesus.  They discussed the Bible with fervor and passion as never before. Though the group did not last for long, my parents were keen in bringing their eight children closer to God. My mother lined us up for the Eucharist every Sunday.  They encouraged their children to serve actively in the church. I was an altar boy and at the same time joined the church choir from time to time. We prayed together as family every time the street rosary was with our home in one week.  Celebrating religious or holiday  feasts will not be without the Holy Mass is a trademark family tradition. Acknowledging God’s work in our family was vocally expressed.

If you are looking for a ministry, look at your family tree.  Look inside your home for evangelization. Go for Jesus’ revival in your own residential tent. Pass on your life with God to your children.  Hand out new life in Christ from fathers to sons. Transfer the Good News from mothers to daughters. Move God from parents to children.

Let me enumerate some practical ideas:

  • Be a model disciple of Jesus to your kids
  • Pray with your children
  • Have a Bible sharing with your children (e.g. choose the Gospel Reading for Sunday)
  • Share to your kids how God is working in you or in your family
  • Tell Bible stories to your kids
  • Bring your kids where you worship God
  • Serve with them in church/community
  • Encourage your church/community to have their children formation
  • Enrol your kids in bible schools

The psalmist reiterates from one generation to the next, God’s deeds and works are praised and proclaimed. We pass on our godly heritage to our shoots. We transfer our Christianity to our children.

Our family tree is our ministree.



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