Along the Way

As they were going they were cleansed. Luke 17:14

Some healing came instantly.  But this is not the case with the ten lepers.  They were healed and cleansed of their skin disease as they were going along the way.  As they were walking to show themselves to the priests, their skin became clear, then clearer then clearest. With each step, their skin sickness was being repealed.  With each stride, their skin was looking flawless from being fatal.  With each pace, leprosy was becoming fantasy.  They were not healed instantly; the healing was gradual, they were cleansed along the way.

We have been there.  God has provided healing and helping in an instant for us.  However, there are certain areas in our Christian life which are not completely restored.  We have to deal with these things day in and day out. We have to contend with our physical weaknesses and succumbing health concerns every time. We box with our temptations minute by minute.  We face our human sand papers in our homes and offices every day.  We will deal with our imperfections for the rest of our lives.

Here is my suggestion:

Continue going to God. Along the way, we will be healed.
Continue walking with God.  Along the way, we will be restored.
Continue stepping forward.  Along the way, we will see clearly.

Keep going. Keep walking. One thing is sure and certain, along the way we will experience His healing grace.  Along the way and when complete restoration happens, give thanks to Jesus.



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