Fixed to Stand Firm

Through all generations your truth endures; fixed to stand firm like the earth. Psalm 119:90

He had a promising career as an accountant and he was my high school buddy. When he got employed with an industrial facility in our local export processing zone, they picture him to raise the ranks.  When a leftist group infiltrated the employees union, he was in the middle.  He decided to join the union’s protest strike.  He was fired and had a family to feed. He tended his family by driving a public utility vehicle. But then again, the vehicle used for his livelihood, he utilizes when the leftist group had street protest rallies.  Once, I approached him why he was wasting his life in a defeated ideology.  The ideals of their group had fought for a long time but never had victory. Their leaders succumb and most of the time, leave their troops.  The group had changes in faces but their struggle remains in vain.  This movement has been toppled in countries which used to be governed by this type of regime. The message they shout does not stand for generations.  I told him it’s not worthy of his life.

God’s truth endures forever, through all generations.  It is fixed to stand firm.  When Jesus died, it was not a defeated feat. No history fact would cite that God and His word surrendered to the forces.  Christianity have been questioned and doubted, but it does not diminish its truth. Christians have been persecuted and secluded yet more and more people experience conversion to Christ.  Logic has provided a rebuttal to God’s presence yet we still hope in what we do not see or touch.  Religions have risen and fallen but the church which Christ built still stands.  God’s truth is not toppled. God’s message of love does not fade in the air. God’s truth stands in the face of opposition. His message of truth is fixed to stand firm.  It’s not temporary erected, it is permanently upright.  It’s unchanging and not variable.

His truth is fixed to stand firm and it’s worthy of our lives.



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