Ever After

And then they will see ‘the Son of Man coming in the clouds’ with great power and glory… Mark 13:26

At first hindsight, it would be a very scary time. With the tribulation ending, the sky will not emit light so as with the moon. Darkness will cover the universe. Darkness will cover us. Light will come only from artificial sources. The stars will lose their place from the heavens and find other space to fill. The elements in the universe will move as though they are shaking. It seems order will be no more. Falling and shaking will take more power over gravity.  And this scene scares the better out of us.

But it should not.

Because the Son of Man comes riding on the clouds with greater power and glory after that scene!

And because this will be the end and this will be the beginning.

Give me anything that hurt you most, death, sickness, broken dysfunctional families, betrayal, poverty, indifference,  self-centeredness, greed, unfaithfulness, etc. Give me anything that makes your world, our world imperfect. Give me anything which makes us imperfect. When He comes, all of these things will end.  Those things will be memoirs of the past. Those things will have no place in our vocabulary.

Only good things will be experienced when He comes to reign over His elect. Perfection, holiness, life abundance and goodness will begin in us and will have no end. Righteousness, selflessness, single-heartedness and single-mindedness will begin in us and will have no end. We will join Him in His everlasting kingdom.

And this is not a fairy tale. This is reality. This is our reality. When He comes with power and glory, we will live with Him. Ever after.



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