Let Me See

What do you want me to do for you? He replied, “Lord, please let me see.” Luke 18:41

I am not physically blind. However, sometimes I do not see. In the past weeks, I have been receiving a good amount of personal preaching from my wife.  She has been reminding me of God’s work and providence in our lives. I was worrying about how we can keep our finances within our control ever since we moved in into our new home. We have to put some savings into necessary maintenance of the house. We are paying our loan in the Philippines. We have some outstanding balances in our credit cards.  I was worrying what if the tax credit will not be approved?  As the company I work for is tightening its belt, I was thinking how can we get through? And my wife took the pulpit. She told me we have gone this far, she can’t see any reason why God will not lead us now. She said God has given us these blessings, and it would be illogical if God will not continue to bless us to take care of His blessings. She preached to me to keep believing and being still in these times and wait for God’s hand to work.

Just like the blind man in Jericho, I have my share of rebuke.  My faith is being rebuked with human understanding. My dependence in God is being silenced by laws of economics. But unlike in Jericho, Jesus is not just passing by in my life He is here to stay with me. What more can I ask for! And as the blind man called out on Jesus all the more as he was told to be silent, the more I should believe and put my faith in Jesus in the midst my own understanding and economics theory.

The man from Jericho and me, we are both blind to an extent. And with Jesus asking, “What do you want me to do for you?” We share a common reply, “Lord, please let me see.”



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