Falling Away

“Blessed is the man who does not fall away on account of me.” Luke 7:23

I do not know why John sent his men to ask Jesus if Jesus is the one they were waiting for or not.  I do not know what is in John’s heart and mind during that time. Maybe I can assume but there may be hundreds of assumptions we can propose.  Maybe at the prodding of his own disciples, he did it. Or was he getting impatient? But one thing is sure, Jesus warned John – do not fall away on account of me. Jesus is telling John’s men, “I am he, but even if I am the one you are waiting for, do not stop and continue your work.” “Do not fall away from your calling even if I have taken my place healing the sick, curing diseases, making the blind see, allowing the deaf to hear, blessing the lame to hop and declaring God’s kingdom.”

Believe it or not, I have seen it happen. I saw men and women who were passionately serving God yet when the time came they needed to pass the baton to their understudies, these servants faded in the shadows.  They have fallen away as if they have reached the peak of their zeal for His house. They have wandered because they knew someone has taken their place. They have been laidback thinking somebody will do the work even if they are not there.

Sometimes, I find myself in their shoes. I will not serve because I know someone will do it. I will not preach because there are already thousands of preachers out there. I will not blog about God and His gift of life because Bo Sanchez or Bobby Quitain writes better than me or further, there are multitudes of Christian bloggers in the virtual world who will do just that. I will not proclaim God’s word for someone more gifted will eventually declare the message. I will not go to the social service of the community since I know I am not in-charge of the activity. I will not spend time with my kids since I know their mother will have her time with them. I will stop since someone else will start.

Jesus warns us about this. We must not be falling away on the account of someone taking their place in God’s work. When someone has risen to partake in God’s work, he/she is not replacing you. There is a place only for you to occupy in God’s plan of action. There is a ministry designed for your God-given capabilities and gifts. Do not fall away. Be blessed.



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