God’s Kiss

While they were there, the time came for her to have her child, and she gave birth to her firstborn son. Luke 2:6

Prince Naveen needed a kiss. He was desperate. He was looking for a princess who would kiss him so he can turn back to being human from being a green frog. Fortunately, he found Tiana who was dressed like a princess. Tiana, who has dreams of becoming a restaurant owner, has to make a deal with the frog prince to provide for her in order to make her dream come true in exchange of the kiss. Prince Naveen, who has riches to provide for Tiana’s dream, agreed to the deal just to get the “frog” spell go away.  It was a mistake for as they kiss, magic smoke came out and when it died down – Tiana became a frog and Naveen was still a frog.

We needed a kiss, too. We are desperate. We were looking for a Savior to come and bring us to light from our darkness. We are seeking for someone to come to save us from our sins and give us hope.  And God came near. He has no motive but to save His people from being “frogs” to being holy and whole. God came near and He did not make a deal to come. He came and He comes for He love us.  Jesus becoming one of us is God’s kiss. God’s kiss is a God turning into a man. And it was not a mistake. God became man so man can be one with his God and live for Him again.  No magic smoke puffed, just God’s pure passion and unconditional love for His people. God became man – that is God’s kiss.



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