Expect No Relapse

He approached, grasped her hand, and helped her up. Then the fever left her and she waited on them. Mark 1:31

“Baka mabinat ka.” (You might have a relapse). My mother used to tell me those words to warn me about getting sick again. These words are familiar to the ears when we have just got well from sickness and we are about to do some tasks. This is understandable since when you are in sick bay, the whole family is affected or should adjust to your situation.  It’s hard to get sick. A television commercial in the Philippines carry a slogan, “Bawal magkasakit!” (It’s prohibited to get sick).  When someone gets well from sickness, the next step is for that person to rest and regain his/her physical stamina. A day or two in bed or staying at home is common to prevent relapse before getting back into the groove of things.

This is not the case with Peter’s mom in-law. Jesus healed her from fever. When the fever left, she left her bed. She served Jesus and the Twelve. She prepared the table and their meals. She fed their hungry stomachs. She rushed from the kitchen to the dining room. She waited on them. Peter’s mom in-law did not need an extra day or two to rest to avoid relapse. She had her strength as if she has not been down by fever.

Hope we are like her. But most of the time, we are not. After you get a new job from a long lull in your career, you tell your leaders it’s too much for you to take a new job and to serve at the same time. After you migrated from one country to another to begin a new chapter in your life, you say to your spouse to postpone your passion to actively serve Jesus. After you graduated from university, you explain to God in prayer that you focus on your job hunting rather than caring for His people.

When God heals, expect no relapse. When God puts you back on your feet, expect no relapse. When God renews you, when God revives you, expect no relapse. When God blesses you to another level, expect no relapse. When God expands your territory, expect no relapse. With Jesus near us, with Jesus grasping our hand and with Jesus helping us up, expect no relapse.



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