Presence Presents the Message

He said to them, “…Carry no money bag, no sack, no sandals; and greet no one along the way.” Luke 10: 4

I always pass by this reformed church as I drive to and from work. I have never entered the church. Yet, the church has deeply inspired me by the sign in front of the church. Once, the sign read “Anger is one letter short of danger.” It gave me the conviction to control my temper. The other month the sign presented, “The future comes one day at a time.” It prompted me to thank God who supplies my daily bread. One memorable message the sign carried was “When carrying heavy loads, bend your knees.” It reminded me to kneel and pray. The church sign has no sound system. It has no pulpit. No flares and stage. It just stood.  Rain or shine, the sign was always there. Its presence presented the message.

When Jesus sent the seventy two men, He told them not to carry money. He sent them without bags. No sandals were allowed in their mission. No friends are to be asked for help in their ministry. They were tasked to go in unfamiliar territories. Imagine doing this missionary work. Yet, these men brave the mission. All they have was their blessings from Jesus and faith in God. To wherever they were sent, they went there. Their presence presented the message.

These scenarios are very far flung nowadays. If I am going to mission, I want connections and budget. I must have a team with me. I will bring the best administrator. I would bring my bible resources.  If there is a mission trip, I have a music ministry with me. The best servants must be chosen to partake in the mission. If available, I would bring audio and video devices for sound system effects. It would also help to have a computer to present my ideas and talks.  All these will allow me to present the message.

Jesus calls us to depend in Him, not on the resources we have.  He sends us to mission empty handed but heart full of faith. He calls us to be that church sign, maybe to just to stand and let others read our lives.  Living signs who will encourage others to live positively in following God.  He calls us to be like the seventy two men. Our hands not clasp but open to His leading and mercy. Jesus calls us to an exciting lifetime of mission. He calls us to be there. By His grace, our presence will present the message.



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