Prized Catch

When they brought their boats to the shore, they left everything and followed him. Luke 5:11

They were in the middle of the lake throughout the night yet not even a single fish hop into their boats. Not until Jesus gave them the direction where and when to put the nets. When they did what He told them, the nets were almost teared apart. One boat was not strong enough to catapult this catch so they have to bring another boat to pull out the fishes. Luke describes in this account that even the boats were in risk of sinking because of the great catch. If I was in Peter’s boat, I would be ecstatic about this night. Business is booming. There must be a great colony of fish around this lake. Given this prized catch, I can stay every night sailing along keeping my nets low and wait for another almost-net-breaking and almost-boat-sinking prized catch.  But that is me, that is not Peter. Who got the fisherman’s attention, the fishes or Jesus? What or who is the prized catch, the fishes or Jesus?  Peter and the other fishermen left the business and followed Jesus. They made Jesus’ business their business.

Now on our part. During these challenging times, the same question is posted for us, what or who is your prized catch? What or who catches your attention? Is it your career? You may have a dream job which may boosts your career to greater heights. You are raking the fruits of years of education and hard work. Your friends dream to be in your desk. Is it your business? Recession pulls down many companies but not yours.  Your company surpasses the shakes and tremors of the unstable economy.

In one way or another, Jesus has directed your path. Jesus has pointed to this part of the lake and you followed Him. Business is booming. So what’s your action? Will you stay or follow Him?

The fishes were not the prized catch. So is not your work and not your business. Jesus is. Make His business your business.



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