Unpatterned Recognition

As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized him. Mark 6:54

If you are a computer science graduate, a computer engineer or a deep to the bone statistician, you might know pattern recognition.  Pattern recognition is a branch of artificial intelligence which recognizes pattern in a given set of data. It’s that simple.  If my data are numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, the code will recognize a pattern which may be increasing by one or decreasing by one. If my thumb mark is given in a universe of thumbs, and NCIS traces my thumb print in a crime scene, pattern recognition will help them match my thumb with my thumb. Again, it’s that simple. However, my thumb mark is one and only. It is unique and no other thumb will look like mine or will have a pattern like mine. So pattern recognition must recognize my thumb trace to match it with my thumb mark. So, it’s not so simple, after all.

The people quickly recognize Jesus. And there is a pattern here. Jesus and his followers were healing the sick. They were driving out demons. They just gave feast enough to feed five thousand men. Thirteen people were leaving a boat yet they recognize one person immediately. He was only putting his left foot or right foot on the sand and He heard, “There’s Jesus!”

I wonder what if Jesus has not cured the sick. What if Jesus and the big Twelve did not drove out demons? What if the five thousand starved at that remote place? Would we see this pattern?

I better ask you. Would you recognize Him, if you were not healed? If you were not provided with much would you recognize Jesus? If your work is not that well paying and rewarding, would you see Him? If your community does not appreciate your service, would you acknowledge Jesus? What if your family life is in chaos, would you quickly say He is the Lord of your home?

I know have a lot of questions now and you have a lot of praying or thinking to do.

Bottom line is we must quickly recognize Jesus. Unpatterned. Simple? You bet.



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