The Comforter

When cares increase within me, your comfort gives me joy. Psalm 94:19

For two nights now, I have been sleeping in my daughters’ bedroom. They took turns in being with their mother for the rest of the night so I was booted out of our room.  No, I am not complaining. In fact, their comforters in their beds are thick and new. Compared to the ones we have in our bedroom, these comforters gave me a very good night sleep. I found refuge inside these comforters. They were a shield to the drying cold outside and inside. In the midst of the winter cold and low heating temperature setting in our home, it felt warm. It felt comfy. In the morning, I was refreshed and rejuvenated.

Are you in discomfort nowadays? Are your cares within increased exponentially? Well, seems they don’t decrease as much as we live day to day.

Cares about loving God. Concerns about being faithful to Him. Issues regarding sins against the Lord. Anxieties in being useful for His work. Concerns about health. Cares with your family. Issues at work. Worries at school. Anxiety about tomorrow, about next week, about next month, about next year.  Financial constraints. Your credit increasing and your income decreasing.  Your visa extension. Your labor certification approval. Stability of the company you work for. Or even minute details like rodents in your house.  Driving in the snow. Keeping the plants in your yard alive.

Cares and worries increase within us. Anxiety fills our minds and hearts. But God is our comforter.  He is our refuge and help. He assures us everything will fall into place. He gives us reason to go on in spite of the mounting concerns. We can rest in His bosom and sleep like a child amidst escalating issues of life. He is our shield and defender.  We allow Him to cover us with His love and grace. We discover peace in between wars of daily grind.

Most of the time, we just need to go out of our own room and join Him in His.  Step out of our discomfort zone into His loving presence of assurance. Be refreshed. Be rejuvenated.

We find comfort in His joy. We find joy in His comfort. God is our comforter.



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