He Took Our Place

For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him.  2 Cor. 5:21

Llevame a mi en vez. Take me instead. These were the words of Big Jorge Reyes Sr. at the courthouse where his son, Little Jorge Reyes Jr. was being arraigned for a crime of recklessly endangering another person. Big Jorge cried and cried for his son to be given a second chance. He was willing to pay notwithstanding the amount. He was willing to take his son’s place in prison.

Such is a father to a son. He had big dreams for Little Jorge. Little Jorge was living those dreams. He was pitching for the Oregon State University baseball team, the Beavers. In his freshman year, he pitched for the Beavers to win the College World Series. Added to that, he was named Most Outstanding Player. Little Jorge has his father’s dreams coming to life. He had a future. Until, he was charged with that crime. In his second year, together with two of his teammates, he was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon when they were gun firing at beer cans in their neighborhood upon which one bullet entered one neighbor’s window and landed on the bed. Though he served jail for only fifteen (15) days, Big Jorge was willing to give up everything he has to give Little Jorge his dreams.

Jesus took our place. He gave up His space in heaven to step up in our place. He gave himself up. He willingly did. Jesus died on the cross. He gave His all for us.  He came to claim our shame. He carried our cross. He suffered for our sins. Big God died for little men. He was being worshipped in heaven and was being mistreated on earth. And Jesus did this for us. And who we are? We have no future. We do not deserve a future. We sin against Him again and again. We follow ourselves rather than follow Him. We pleasure ourselves rather than please Him. Our crimes against Him warrant more than our lifetime.

Just like a father to his son, Jesus gave everything for us. He gave us salvation, salvation that is dependent in God not in man. He gave us forgiveness, forgiveness which is unconditional and accessible. He gave us direction, becoming righteousness of God in Him. He gave us life, life that is new and abundant. He gave us hope, hope that is everlasting. He gave us a future, a future that is eternal and heavenly.  All because, He took our place.



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