Levi’s Genes

And leaving everything behind, he got up and followed him. Luke 5:28

I have several questions for you, Mr. Levi. So brace yourself. I still am wondering what’s in your genes. I need answers. I have questions.

What did you see in Jesus that made you leave everything? He walked by you, you were sitting at the customs post, He said two words only and just like that you walked out and gave up everything. Levi, in our time, partial of that may happen. I can leave some things for Jesus. Someone may leave few other things for Jesus. But not leave everything. Actually, we have heard not only two words from Jesus or about Jesus but lots of bible and personal stories many of which we can’t even remember. It’s just too hard in our days to leave everything behind. It seems not practical. It seems not logical. Yet you did it. May our eyes be like yours to see what you saw in Jesus.

What is in your heart that made you think you can be a follower of Jesus? No pun intended but it’s the tax season as I write this. You are a tax collector! You were considered a sinner. You are unworthy of stepping on His footsteps. In fact, the church leaders point to you when they spoke about sin. Yet you did not remain seated, you got up. You stood up despite you are a sinner and followed Him. Levi, during our days, many are still seated. Many are still sinners but not followers of Jesus. We shun His call for we tend to believe we can not follow Him. How can He accept us with our filth? How can Jesus love us in our sins. We tend to think that followers of Jesus are not sinners but saints. Tell us, Levi. Can a sinner be a follower? Or can a follower be a sinner? May we have within us whatever is in your heart.

Who are you that you had the nerve to give a great feast for Jesus in your own house? You showed Jesus to your family and friends. You told your co-workers about Him. You and your troops ate with Him. You were courageous in the midst of probable ridicule. You were brave in the midst of indifference. You showed Jesus to them like the sun shows at the crack of dawn. In our days, Levi, Jesus is like a wallet in the pocket. We take Him out only when we need Him. We don’t show Him off to our family and friends. We don’t introduce Him to our co-workers. If we have Him, we keep Him to ourselves. We don’t give Him a banquet, we ask Him to do that for us. Convince us to do the same. To be careless and live our lives like throwing a party for Him any given day. May we have the nerves to be strong like you.

May your genes be ours. Leave everything. Get up. Follow Him.



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