(But) take care not to perform righteous deeds in order that people may see them; otherwise, you will have no recompense from your heavenly Father. Matthew 6:1

There is a funny theory on Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) games as scheduled games are played in best of something series. When the series are in the quarterfinals up to finals, hardcore fans sometimes find the series to be “scripted”. Fans predict the outcome of the series by alternating the winner every game. They perceived the basketball series to be some kind of income generating for the PBA as more games are to be played. Sometimes the prediction comes out right but sometimes it falters. The myth of the games being scripted becomes an imagination of witty brains thereat.

As we come into the Lenten season, it comes to mind we are coming into a season which is very much scripted. Jesus will be despised. Jesus will be rejected. Jesus will be sentenced. Jesus will be crucified with thorns. Jesus will be carrying a cross. He will drop but will pick himself up as that cross takes its toll on the his weakening body. He will be nailed to the cross. He, on the cross, will be in between two robbers. Jesus will die for our sake. Jesus will defeat sin. Jesus will rise to claim victory over death. See, it it very well scripted. We know what will happen. It is not a myth or a product of playful minds.

The only part of the script which can be change is our portion. Will we give more to God or give less? Will we fast more or indulged ourselves more? Will we do charity more or take more for ourselves? Will we spend more time praying or spend more time playing? Will we be more righteous or more sinful?

Jesus’ lenten season is scripted. What’s your script?



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