They exchanged their glorious God for the image of a grass-eating bull. Psalm 106:20

One of the favorite shopping feature my wonderful wife loves about is that, in United States, you can exchanged anything you bought from a store. Sometimes no questions will be asked. Sometimes, the customer service representative will inquire about the reason for the action yet they will do the exchange arrangement. Other people take advantage of this as even if they have used or worn the goods, they go to the store and bring the goods back. The product you bought can be exchanged with other products or with the same amount of money you bought it. I can cite several rationales for exchanging goods you got from a store: the product doesn’t fit you, the product is not working, the product is not what you expected, or the product was more costly compared to other similar goods available in the market.

Sometimes, we see God as a product. We readily exchange God. Like the Israelites who looked to a bull rather than to God.

When God does not fit into our life plans, we replace Him with our dreams. We erase Him in our hearts and follow our selfish ambitions.  When it seems your world is getting small with your big God, we choose the small world rather than our big God.

If life seems not working well with God, we exchange Him and settle for something else. Disappointment or discouragement can provide this scenario and bring us to a decision to allow someone or something to take God’s place in our lives. When things are not working with God, we do the work ourselves and this will further give us disappointments.

You expected God to do a thing or two for you but He did not. Next sequence will be, God is in your bag at that customer service center. We dictate on what God should do and not the other way around where God should tell us what to do.

There are times in life where we look God as more costly to follow than following our own pleasures. This should be the case. This is true. God is more costly than anything else in this world since He is worthy. If we look deeper, living our lives for God is not equivalent to the glory of our God. If we spend our earthly life on something, spend it on the most worthy.

God is not a product. Don’t take advantage of Him. Don’t let Him be exchanged.



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