So a division occurred in the crowd because of him. John 7:43

Theoretically, division in mathematics makes sense. When you divide any number with one, the answer would be that any number. For example, 25 divided by 1 is still 25. The number is not diminished since you have one as the divisor. But when you have a number greater than one as the divisor, the dividend will be divided into parts. And all these things makes sense.

However, during Jesus’ time and our times this does not makes sense. Because of Him, the crowd was divided. He is a prophet as some will say. Some say He is the Messiah. Some wanted to put handcuffs on Him. Because of one Person, this world is divided. Our world is divided. It should not be this way, yet we are divided. Approximately and presently there are 38,000 Christian denominations. We believe in Jesus who is one yet we go divided as we go to different churches.  Aside from this, as Catholics, we also have different charismatic communities. Even we belong to one catholic church, we are divided.

We believe in one Christ. We follow one Shepherd. We worship one Lord. We believe in one God. To make matters sensible, it is our task to gear for unity not division. Pray for unity in the church. Speak about unity in the church. Work for unity in the church. We should be mathematically correct.    And this makes sense.



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