Then each went to his own house. John 7:53

Its truly the march of madness. A low seeded basketball team defeats the number one seeded college ball club. That’s what you call an upset. These college teams are ranked by some method based on their performance in their past games. Analyzing their ranks requires probability to win over another. Thus, high ranked teams has high probabilities to win over low ranked teams. However, these are not embedded on stones. As the tournament begins, upsets happened. A highly touted college team goes home after succumbing to a lesser-expected-to-win team.

Nicodemus sent them home. Yes, he sent his fellow Pharisees and the guards, who were trying to condemn Jesus about His teachings and His works, to their homes. Nicodemus was only one. They were surely more than him. He has the low probability to be heard. His friends outnumber him so they have the higher probability to stand out.  Yet, Nicodemus gave his best shot. His probability to be heard was low when he cited the law. Not withstanding he was outnumbered, he spoke about what he believes in. And he pulled an upset.

Are you ready for your own upset? Are you ready to speak out for what you believe in? You may find yourself at the opposite side of the majority. You may have the lowest probability for people to lend their ears to. You may have the lowest rank among people who people will take seriously. You may get the whisper powered microphone in the room. But when you speak the truth. When you speak about God’s law. When you stand up for what is right. God plus you is majority. Send them home. It’s not madness, expect an upset.



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