God’s Blind Side

She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, (and) from now on do not sin any more.”  John 8:11

He was born and have grown up on the other side of the town. That side where he was thrown in the scrap of waste of life. His mother was a drug addict and he and his sibling tended themselves to find food and go to their schools. No one looked after them. No one cared. Nobody knew them. Until, a family or specifically the mother of one family took him on their abode. She saw his future not his past. She saw his promise not his limitations. She (They) loved him like he was never loved before. This is the story behind the movie, The Blind Side. When other people saw the bad, this family saw the good. When other people saw the past, this family saw the future. They saw the blind side. Something people must see but they do not. And when their family saw the blind side, they saw what he can be and not what he has been.

Such is God to us. Jesus did not saw the sinner, he saw the sin. He did not condemn the woman, who was caught of adultery, He gave her forgiveness. Jesus did not focus on the iniquity, He has His eyes on the opportunity. Jesus chose to see what we people must see yet we ignore to see. He sees the goodness in each person we meet day after day.  Despite a person’s imperfection lies within a heart full of grace, and this is where God’s eyes are glued upon.

If at some point, we have sinned against God, remember He forgives. If at some point you have fallen short of God’s laws, keep in mind God never condemns. If at some point you bit the wrong fruit, be reminded God sees what you can be and not what you have been. He does not see our darkness, God sees our bright side. And that, my friend, is God’s blind side.



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