Then the other disciple also went in, the one who had arrived at the tomb first, and he saw and believed. John 20:8

They thought of visiting Him for a long time. This is where you come from day to day. You express your love from week to week. Months will pass by, you still step on the same steps to commemorate. Years will commenced, your feet will still take you here. But not with Jesus. There will be no All Saints’ Day get-together for His followers. There will be no candles to lit at the tomb at the start of November.  No memories of the dead. No death anniversaries for years to come.  His death did not last. His being in darkness was not for long. Just three days. Short.

And so with us. Our difficulties will come to pass. Our despair will not last. Our sufferings are just visiting. Our distress are here for a vacation. The hardest of life to live is a wink. The trials we have are temporary. Your financial problems comes in the winter yet gone in spring. Your career or employment concerns goes like as a TV commercial. Your marriage or family issues are cars driving in a thruway, very fast to stay with you. We will not have to have All Saints’ Day. Jesus is not dead. Jesus has risen. Jesus has given us hope. All these difficulties will be short because we have hope in Him. In Him who has risen. In Him who defeated death. In three days.

Arrived at your tomb. Just see and believe. Our hardships will all be short.



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