Then Jesus said to them, “Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me.” Matthew 28:10

Did you see it? Read the passage above again. So, did you see it?

He called them brothers.

He called the men who fled away from Him brothers. In the time He needed them most, they scattered and nowhere to be found yet He addressed them as brothers.  The men who have been with Him in His renowned ministry, became part of the crowd and became silent. The so-called disciples whom He taught and fed, were absent as people mocked Him and put Him to death. The twelve, whom He has chosen,  did not choose Him in His moments of agony and suffering. They might have been coward in standing up for Him or denied Him, however, Jesus still considers them as brothers. Yet when He rose from the dead He called them brothers. He still pertained to them as dear to Him. He still saw them as men who are close to His heart setting aside what happened in the past days. More than that, Jesus is giving them direction, “…go to Galilee,…” More than that He is giving them His commitment, “…there they will see me.”

The Risen Christ still does that. To us. He calls us His brothers (and sisters). We might have followed our own paths rather than His. We might have chosen to be part of the crowd rather than being His disciple. We might have failed to stand up for Him when it matters most. We might have broken our commitment to love Him above all. We might have denied Him more than three times. We might have betrayed Him. We might have sinned again and again. Despite of these, He still calls us His brothers (and sisters). Still, He sees us as someone who are close to His heart and dear to Him. More than that, He gives us direction in our lives. More than that, Jesus is committed to us.

As Easter people, we should do that. To others. Still call them brothers (and sisters). Yes, the people who were not on-line when you needed someone to provide you company. The person who betrayed you. The family member who denied you. The best friend who became your worst friend in those times you were being ridiculed. The classmate who bullied you. The co-worker who puts you down. The neighbor who spreads gossips about you. The brother (or sister) in your community who slandered you.  The spouse who is unfaithful. The problem child in your home. In spite of these, call them your brothers (sisters). Tell them they are still dear and close to your heart.  More than that, help them, guide them in the right direction. More than that, express your commitment to them.

He called them brothers. He calls us His brothers (and sisters). Call them your brothers (sisters).



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