Then the two recounted what had taken place on the way and how he was made known to them in the breaking of the bread.  Luke 24:35

There was once a video shop rental in the Philippines that had this note at their shop counter, “Be Kind, Rewind”.  They are asking their patrons to rewind the tapes they have watched over the weekend or for several days.  This saves the next renter some time to readily view the rewinded tape at their comfort and convenience. To rewind the tape is to bring the movie from the start, from the very beginning. To rewind the tape is to start from all over again.

Jesus meeting the duo going to Emmaus made a rewind. He reminded them about what has happened must happen, as He has told them before. He again said the blessing. He broke the bread again. Jesus gave the bread to them, again. Jesus’ rewind is not back to square one. It was not the case of starting from all over again. This is lot of notch higher. This a lot of miles farther.  With a Savior dying on the cross to defeat sin. With the Messiah rising from the tomb to overcome death. This is not going back from the beginning. This a whole new beginning.  And His death and His resurrection brought that new beginning.

The two followers of Christ who were going to Emmaus made a rewind. They enumerated to the Risen Christ what has happened in the past days. They pointed out to Him the succession of events. As they went back to the eleven, they again made a rewind, by recounting what have they experienced along their way to Emmaus. Their rewind, too, is not going back to the starting line. It was a new sound of a gun. Knowing their Master is alive. Meeting, walking, talking and eating with their Lord.  They are off to a great new race that has been assured of completion because of Jesus’ victory over sin and death.

If you think God has left you, make a rewind. If you are not seeing God’s hand in your life, make a rewind. If you think God is dead in your life, make a rewind. Rewind the moments how God has been faithful. Rewind the events how God has provided for you. Rewind the mountains you have hurdled by being strengthened by Him. Rewind the battles He has won for you. And when you are done, wake up to a new day with a brighter sunshine. Stretch your feet for a new start at a higher level. Open your life to a new chapter with a promising story.

We have a victorious Christ! Be kind to yourself. Rewind.



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