Then he said to them, “Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts? Luke 24:38

We were driving on a thruway when I noticed that the fuel gauge indicated a low gas reading.  At once, I decided to take the next exit since we were about 10 miles from our home. So I did that. Staring at the sign of the nearest possible exit, I diverted from our passage. I have to pull out of the route I was taking to fill up the vehicle with gas. I have to stop our journey going home.  I guess, this is the case when you ran out of fuel. You pull out from the way. You stop. You divert.

When Jesus died, put in the tomb and was taken from the tomb, His followers thought they ran out of gas. They thought it was time to find the nearest exit. They thought they have to pull out of the journey. They thought they have to stop, not momentarily but maybe forever. They wept. They were scared. They were troubled. They had questions in their hearts and minds.  They thought of leaving Jerusalem.  After all, the Master who showed them love and marvelous miracles is dead.  After all, the Master who chose them among the crowd was taken from His tomb. Not knowing His death and His rising will fuel their revived race. For Jesus’ death on the cross gave them forgiveness, not a regular kind of death but a special one. For His resurrection from the tomb gave them hope, not a regular expectation but a premium sight of eternal glory.

Friends, do you feel living your life as if you are running out of gas? You want to stop. You want to pull out of the way. You want to divert your heart and eyes from somewhere else. You want to find the nearest exit. You have fears. You have doubts. Something is troubling you. You are abandoned. You want out. As the church song goes, “Dying You destroyed our death, Rising You restored our life, Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus, come in glory!” His death on the cross and His rising fuel our walk with Him. When we follow Him, we will never run out of gas. His dying and His rising fuel our hearts not to be weary of loving God and not be tired in living for God. We can continue our journey. We will never stop. We will never divert. We will go on and on and on… We will never take an exit until we reach our Home. We will fix our hearts on the love and hope He offers. For our hearts’ tanks are full.

With His dying and His rising; look at your fuel gauge, it always reads filled up.



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