The Write Reason

“…It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard.” Acts 4:20

Ito nga! Ito ang rason bakit ako nagsusulat.

Gaya nila Peter at John. Hindi sila mapigilan. Hindi nila mapigilan. Hindi nila matantanan ang magsalita about what they have seen and heard. Hindi sila napo-possessed o nasasaniban. Nasa control pa rin sila. Yet the desire to share about God and His love for His people can not be postponed. Kaya ang nangyari everywhere they went, they proclaimed. Anytime they had the opportunity, they grab it. Give them a small space or little time, they will make use of it. Bigyan mo sila ng lahat ng oras at lugar, pupunuin nila yan, hindi sila magsasawa.

Dati kasi halos linggo-linggo, nagbibigay ako ng talk o kaya ng exhortation sa prayer meetings. Ang daming grace and wisdom na bigay sa akin ni Lord. Ang mga experiences ko with Him gives me delight and light. Nakikita ko ang kanyang mga kamay halos bawat sandali ng buhay namin. And who am I to ignore the desire to share Him. Yet after we came to the US, all those opportunities to speak about Him in meetings or retreats were gone.

At dito pumasok ang writing (blogging). God gave me a way to speak about Him. No audio needed. Walang mic sa aking kamay. I do not raise my voice. I do not use hand gestures. Walang eye to eye contact. Just my fingers plucking the keyboard plus free blog site. Jesus still gives the insights and reflections, my fingers will do the talking. Formerly, pinaka-marami na ang mga less than one hundred who will hear what will I speak. Ngayon, potentially, I can reach an infinite number of audience sa internet, and what a great gift from God!

All of these are possible because it is impossible not to write about of what I have seen and heard.  And this is the write reason.



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