Now those who had been scattered went about preaching the word. Acts 8:4

Scattered people scattered the word.  They were scattered yet they preach the word. They should have lose hope since they were broken up as a group however they were still united. They were dispersed and should have gone into each of their own way however they still walked on the same path.  They had separate ways yet they were still one.  Others went north. Some went south. Few were in the west. Several might be going east. In all these directions, they followed one direction that is to preach the word.

I know a group of people who are in their shoes.

Others are in Singapore. Most of them remained in the Philippines.  A bunch are in the Middle East: Bahrain, Dubai and Saudi.  Some of them are in North America – United States and Canada. Few of them live in Australia. A missionary priest in Indonesia. Scattered to scatter. Distributed to distribute. Spread out to spread. The word.

We might speak different languages now yet we still keep the same tongue – preaching the word. We might be living in different cultures yet we keep the same way of life – preach the word. We might not be attached as much yet we still touch people – preaching the word. In all these directions, we have one direction – preaching the word.

Now, that is God’s plan for His people. Just like seeds in fertile soils. Be scattered. Grow and preach the word.



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