This is my commandment: love one another as I love you. John 15:12

My siblings taking turns to arrange and prepare the burial. My siblings taking turns to give my wife some good company. My siblings providing for our needs.

My wife’s relatives keeping her alive and kicking.

My boss nodded as I asked if I can work at home in the afternoon to look after my daughters who were out of their classes at two o’clock pm.

Two elderly neighbors whom I have not met came to console.

Four neighbors, one at a time, knocked on our doors to bring a dish and a cheer for our family.

My Facebook page was swamped with sympathies and pledge of prayers.

Brothers and sisters asking us what they can do for us, willing to stand-by if needed.

A family, friend of our family, invited us for a dinner and cooked our breakfast for tomorrow.

A card in the mail, coming from my office mate, with comforting message.

My relatives at the other side of the coast called and soothed our situation.

A Filipino nurse gentle yet effective in caring for Praise at the emergency room.

Friends came to help me for Bless’ hair arrangement for her first communion and accompany us in the ceremony.

At the moment we heard the death of my mother-in-law, love flooded our hearts. Love knocked on our door. Love gave way for our schedules. Love gave time. Love prayed. Love supported. Love inspired. Love took time to cook a dish or two for our family. Love called over the phone to check us out if we are doing all right. Love assured. Love one another.

Have they heard of the commandment? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is sure, they practiced it. And we were loved.



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