Father, they are your gift to me. John 17:24a

This is a scene from Victorious, a show over at Nickelodeon.

It was Trina’s birthday. Her sister Victoria or Tori prepared a song for her on her big day. Tori was accompanied by a band and back-ups, all her friends. It was a good song sung by a good singer. “Where’s my gift?” Trina asked after Tori went to hug her. “It was the song?” Tori explained. Trina replied, “The song?” Tori said, “Yeah, I hope you like it.” Then Trina enumerated, “Can I wear it? Can I eat it? Can I flaunt it? Can I use it? Will it make me feel good?” Tori thought she made music for Trina.

This is a scene from our daily life.

You wake up with your imperfect spouse. You eat breakfast with your clumsy kids. You walk by your grumpy neighbor. You push the car breaks for a driver who cuts your way. You sit with your insensitive co-worker. You deal with your demanding boss. You get an email from a stubborn brother in community. You receive a news about a friend gossiping about you. You think these are not good gifts from a good God. “Where’s my gifts?” you asked God. God answers, “You met them. You heard from them. You bumped into them.” You enumerate to God, “Gifts? Them? Can I flaunt them? They did not make me feel good.” God thought He made music for you.

Jesus acknowledged the Father’s gifts for Him. Fishermen and some ordinary men. Judas who will betray Him. Peter who will deny Him three times. Thomas who will doubt about His rising. Crowds who are by His side during miracles but absent during His suffering. He called them gifts. He accepted them as gifts. Jesus knew God’s gifts will help fulfill God’s plan.

Every person in our life is a gift from God. We don’t dictate from the Giver who will be given to us.  The Giver of the gifts knows whom we need to shape His plan for us. They are His gifts to us. There are some whom we want. There are some whom we don’t want but we need. However, every gift makes music in our lives.




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3 responses to “Gifts

  1. what a nice post
    i remember about (James 1:17 )Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.

    thanks for the post and God Bless Po. 🙂

  2. i admire you po ang gaganda ng mga post nyo.
    thanks and god bless 🙂

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