…for I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the entire plan of God. Acts 20:27

This is not a good situation. You are trying to wear a pair of pants which you just wore a week ago. Seven days ago, it perfectly fits you. Now, after laundry service, the trousers are two or three inches short of your legs’ length.  It shrunk. It shortened. When it’s fine it covers what it suppose to cover. When it shrunk, it does not serve it’s purpose. It can’t wrap what’s suppose to wrap. Generally this happens when the washing instructions are not followed. Some clothes require cold washing. Some must be immersed in hot water. A clothing will surely shrink if you don’t follow the instructions.

This is not the situation of Paul. He told his audience, “I did not shrink from proclaiming to you the entire plan of God.” He did not shrink as a messenger. He covered everything that has to be proclaimed. He spoke with completion. He begun and ended without leaving any details for his listeners to hear. He took every opportunity as his last stand when he declared God’s plan. His message did not shrink. Paul proclaimed the entire plan of God. A message with no postscript. A paragraph without footnotes. A book without references. His message about God’s plan is complete. The key here is this – Paul followed the instructions.

May we be like Paul. Messengers who will not shrink. Servants who will complete the service. Servants who will start and finish the race. Servants who will cover the uncovered.

May our message be like his. May our lives spell God’s plan from A to Z. May our words and works reflect His face, fully not partly. A message where God is a God who completes.

Be sure we don’t shrink, let’s follow His instructions.



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