First is Last

…”But many that are first will be last, and (the) last will be first.” Mark 10:31

He was superman. Dwight Howard came to play. 32 points, 16 rebounds and 5 block shots playing for forty three minutes. He was dominant. He dunked the ball. He rebounded. He followed up his or his teammates’ misses. He was almost perfect in his post plays. His foot work was simply spectacular. He was unstoppable before a Boston Celtics known physical defense.  His team, Orlando Magic, was one defeat shy of being booted out from the playoffs and he made sure to cancel that. He played his heart out. This is the Dwight Howard everybody was waiting for.

As the best player that night, Dwight was interviewed over national television. The court side reporter asked him about his superb performance on court, before any comments, Dwight gave glory to God. Before he boasted of his stats, he boast of God’s performance. He elevated God with his elevation. He put God on the box score above his name. His numbers spoke of him yet he spoke of God.

Dwight was first tonight based on what he did.  Dwight was last tonight based on what God did.

Jesus said, “..many that are first will be last…” Dwight Howard is one of the many.

May God give us the grace to be one of those many.



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