They were on the way, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus went ahead of them. Mark 10:32a

Jesus and his disciples were going up to Jerusalem. They were moving from one place to another. They were traveling from town to town. However, this is different. Beyond this verse, Jesus predicts He will be handed over to church authorities and bring Him to His tragic death. In this part of the journey, as with other journeys, Jesus went ahead of them. As opposed with other travels, Jesus knew what is ahead and He still walked ahead. Not as much as difficult as compared with other ways they have walked, Jesus knew His men needed Him to be ahead. They let Him walked ahead. Peter or John or James or any other disciple did not have the guts to take the lead. And nobody should.

Including us.

Are you on your way to some place where you are going up? To a place that may have resemblance like Jerusalem. A place where you maybe ridiculed. An event where your faith will be mocked. A situation where you know life will be hard fought. A family concern where death is on the front page. An employment which drains your passion away. A community life where some things are very uncommon. Your pair of feet steps with difficulty as you are going up. Allow Jesus to go ahead. Let Him take the lead. Let Jesus guide us. Allow Him to show the way. More than anytime, you need Jesus to go ahead. More than any place, you need Jesus to take the lead. More than anybody, Jesus knows what is ahead.

Going up to Jerusalem must have Jesus, no other else, going ahead.



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