And when the leftover fragments were picked up, they filled twelve wicker baskets. Luke 9:17b

He caught my eye. Correction. He and he caught my eye. A father and his son. They were sitting in front of the church with the rest of their family but they were seated together. It was very obvious why. He has to look after him. He has to take care of him. He has to keep him steady in a solemn ceremony. The son waves his hands almost each second. The father reaches for those busy hands each second. The son was inching right and left each second. The father keeps him glued each second. The boy, as I saw, was differently abled. Yet, the father does not treat him differently.

Some might have left the son at home. Some might have sent his son to a nursing home or a shelter. Some might have left the son in a quiet street one night. Some might have given up the son. But in this case, the father did not leave his son. He still is his father’s son. If you think the son is a leftover, then the father’s life is filled up with his son’s.

Just like the leftover bread and fishes which filled the baskets. Maybe some of the best of these filled the stomachs of the crowd and the disciples. Maybe the top were picked and the bottom were left.

Are you not among the best? Does your life hit bottom? Are you one of the leftovers? The Father does not look at you differently. He sees you as one of His precious beloved kids. He looks after you. He takes care of you. He keeps you steady. He watches over you. He puts you in the right place. When your heart and hands wander, He holds you tight. The Father does not leave you. He will take you with Him anytime to anywhere.

The Father’s heart is filled and it is filled with you.




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4 responses to “Leftover

  1. Erwin Navarro

    Hi Edwin,

    I was seated beside you while at mass, I too noticed them. Very nicely put insight bro!

    My attention got drawn not on the father and son, but on the daughter, who was trying to be brave and not show her shyness of her special brother. Looking at her facial expression, I can see clearly that she needed a boost of reassurance that everything is alright, that she should be exuding confidence, not apologies or feeling “odd” that her family (or brother) seems to appear among the crowd. I didn’t have the chance to muster the boldness and as a stranger, impart courage to her. I pray that her father gets more grace and wisdom to become bigger than his tasks towards his son, and minister to her daughter’s psychological, self-esteem needs as well!

    • Erwin Navarro

      As a corollary, for the sake of the daughter, the father and the mother should have been preparing to place their son in a professional assisted living, and soon they should actually start doing this, not just for their sakes, but for the daughters, it’s the most loving thing they can do for her.

      The daughter is intelligent enough to know even now that she needs to find a boy who will fall in love with her, but the task is almost too high, for she knows that the boy she should look for would have to be double or triple more kind and selfless than her dad. While the fate of taking care of her brother fell by fate on her parent’s lap, her future husband would have to “choose” such life with her. We all know the parents will grow old and if they did not plan for the care of their son outside of their family, I think its grossly unfair to drop this responsibility on their daughter, relegating it to and limiting her future.

      my practical two cents worth………

    • ebcano

      Thank you bro!

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