Remain Faithful

But you, remain faithful to what you have learned and believed, because you know from whom you learned it… 2 Timothy 3:14

They were ahead of me on the line. An Indian woman and her son stopped by the Subway sandwich store to get their lunch same as myself. When it was their turn, the mother requested the server to change his plastic hand gloves. She explained that those hand gloves might have residues of meat which the server has touched for the previous customers. It came to me, this is about their religion.  It’s not about that they are living a healthy life, which even a small millimeter of meat is a No-no, but this is about remaining faithful to what they have learned and believed. This woman remained faithful even if she was not sure if the server understands to what she is standing up for. Though, there were many customers hearing their conversation, she did not allow herself to be dwarfed by the crowds and she remained faithful and boy, I looked at her like I was bending my neck upwards at Yao Ming. She stood tall, she remained faithful.

So should we.

Remain faithful…..

….. when a friend drops a gossip in the midst of your conversation.
….. when your boss blurts a direction for you to falsify your report.
….. when your leader in the community takes the slide.
….. when peers ridicule you for what you believed in.
….. when others have falter being faithful.
….. even when faith seems to be less.
….. in small or big things.
….. when everybody is watching or nobody is looking.

Paul exhorted Timothy to remain faithful, and he is encouraging us to do the same. Remain faithful to what we have learned and believed.  For us to stand up for Jesus even at some times we may be misunderstood.  To remain steadfast in the midst of worldly pressures to keep our faith burning. Do not allow any residue not belonging from God to be planted in our hearts and lives. Never mind the crowd, focus on depending on Jesus for grace to make a decision for Him to stand tall and stand strong when situations challenges our devotion.

Do not be dwarfed, stand tall and remain faithful.



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