Yes, the LORD has chosen Zion, desired it for a dwelling:  “This is my resting place forever; here I will dwell, for I desire it…” Psalm 132:13-14

We hopped from one house to another. This is what we did as a family when we were looking for our home, at least our dream home. We have standards. It should have three to four bedrooms. It should have two full bathrooms. A spacious living room is a must. Wooden floors would be very desirable. No repairs needed when we move in, is a top priority. My daughters will not transfer school was another important consideration. We had several house visits before we jumped into offering our interests to buy one. However, our real estate agent was very understanding after we revoked our home buying agreement because we realized the house was not our dream dwelling place.  We started again with our house tripping itinerary. We looked one house, then another then another. Until, we saw this one. It matched every detail of our check list plus an affordable price. So right there and then, our agent called the other agent and the rest is history.

If we think God would do the same, we are mistaken. God won’t hop from one heart to another to find His dwelling place, His dream home. Every heart is His dream home. God has no standards in desiring His home. The only thing I can think of God looks into is if the door is open, if He is welcome. God will not discriminate if you have four religious events to attend to every week. God will not go to another heart if you do not perform well. He will not revoke His agreement to dwell in you. Never. When God sees your heart is open for Him, He will choose it. He will dwell in it. He will desire to dwell in your heart.  There is no timetable for God to use your heart as His address. For as long as forever, He will dwell in your heart.  Every heart is a matched for God to dwell.

Right here and right now, God is calling you. Open your heart for Him to enter, to dwell in there forever and create history, His story.



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