Hezekiah took the letter from the hand of the messengers and read it; then he went up to the temple of the LORD, and spreading it out before him, he prayed in the LORD’S presence… 2 Kings 19:14-15a

Hezekiah got a bad news on a bad day. Assyrians are about to attack God’s chosen. About one hundred and eighty-five thousand men are about to unleash their wrath against Hezekiah and the people. His first reaction was not to talk about it with his wife or with his friends. He did not allow fear to come to him instead his faith drove him to God. He did not ask, “Why me or why us?” He did not question God’s faithfulness. He did not analyze if they had the power to overcome the opposition. He did not count on their weapons; he counted on God. He did not fear the King of Assyria; he put his faith on the heavenly King. He spread the letter out before God. He did not fold the problem, he presented it. He did not keep it to himself, he exposed it. No shadow covered his concern; he laid it out to God’s light. He spread it out before God – implying God alone can and will save them. And God did.

We can learn from Hezekiah.

Spread out your bad news to God. Spread out your concern about being conquered by financial problems. Spread out your letter of termination to the King of kings. Spread out your over the limit lab results to the One who heals. Spread out that death certificate to the Fountain of Life. Spread out before God that newspaper which headlines corruption and immorality in government.

Don’t let the bad news sandwich you. Spread it out before God.



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