…knock and the door will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7c

I have a standing invitation, which is three years old, from N. Dag Reppen. Who is Mr. Reppen? He is a world renowned expert in power systems engineering. He is one of the founders of a firm that started and established what we use and what we know now in electric power engineering. Yes, the guy is big time! Yet, I have not come to his abode in spite of his invitation. For three years, I was not able to respond to his invitation. Why? I wanted to fix the date with him so I may able to arrange my schedule. Last time I saw Mr. Reppen, he told me, “If you decide to come, just knock.”

We have a standing invitation, too. From Jesus. He is the expert of the experts. He is the founder of everything. He started a mission two thousand years ago and it is still going strong day by day. He is the BIG in big time- He is God.

Maybe you have heard His invitation in the past and has shunned it. Or maybe you have responded to His invitation and now He is calling you to a higher door. You aren’t able to heed His summon for you want to fix the date. After college. After the wedding. When the visa is approved. When you passed the board exams. After you reach your dream. When healing is done. When you are retired. When you get what you want. When life is good. You still want to arrange something whereas Jesus is the One who arranges all things.

You set an appointment with the doctor but not with the Healer. You make a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend but not to the Friend who laid down His life for you. You ask for an appointment with your boss but not with the real Big Boss. You calendar a date for the tutor to come but not with the Source of all wisdom.

Drop the date. Don’t be late. Jesus’ invitation stands. And He is saying, “If you decide to come, just knock.”



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