…and they journeyed to another village. Luke 9:56

You thought He would stop, He continued. You thought He would give up, He pressed on. Jesus and His followers were passing through a Samaritan village in their journey to Jerusalem but were not welcomed upon knowing their final destination. Instead of staring into the wall, they continued their journey towards Jerusalem via another village. You see He did not battle the wall, He worked around it. He walked through another way for he is resolutely determined (v. 51) to reach the designated destination. It was another way yet His eyes were still focus on the same finish line. They re-routed. He re-routed.

We have a similar itinerary in life.

Want to read mine? I was serving as an altar boy when I was in elementary school. I thought I was developing a relationship with God when a fellow server gave me a reason to stop in what I am doing. From high school years up to early college, I was a nominal catholic. I attended church services yet have no relationship with God. When I was in 4th year college, a friend invited me to attend a life changing seminar which paved way for me to be re-routed back to God.

Here’s another. One acquaintance of ours has been long living far away from the Lord. People have concluded on her, they said she won’t change. They said she was born like that. Her family has accepted her the way she was. When she came to work for abroad, things changed, she changed. Who would have thought, going abroad was Jesus’ plan of re-route.

Jesus does not stop when we stopped. Jesus continues the journey when we have lost our way.  Jesus is resolutely determined to bring us to the finish line. We are re-routed.



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